Hi there, everyone! Welcome to MyFP50 Trainer website, your online personal trainer with a different spin. My name is Beverly Figueroa and I am your online fitness trainer.  In fact, I am also your in-person fitness trainer.  My clients will attest that my training style is like no other. Read on to learn more about what MyFP50Trainer has to offer.

I like to say that I put the personal back in the word, personal trainer, because I apply a unique, individualized approach to training.  We are all individuals, and we each respond differently when making behavioral changes. No two people are alike and therefore, no one person should be trained the same. I am always excited to share the latest and greatest from MyFP50Trainer, so please be sure to visit my site updates page often.  Meanwhile, I thought I would recap right here what we have to offer, with some convenient links for you to browse.

Remember that it’s not just about the number on your scale.  Yes, weight loss factors in, but so does everything else, such as, lifestyle habits, stress, sleep, and so on. Life dynamics play a big role in achieving our health and fitness goals.  You may want to lose some weight to look good at a wedding, or to fit into that bathing suit in time for summer.  But think about the big picture for a minute.  Don’t you want to feel good too?  Don’t you want to be able to lift things and move about without feeling tired all the time and stiff or in pain.  I don’t promise miracles, but I do promise to work with you to help you to feel your best.  I not only teach my clients how to exercise, I show them functional fitness.  I show them how to move efficiently, by using all of their muscles in synergy, the way our bodies were meant to move. So join me in this mission of movement, and help to spread the message to all about the importance of being physically active every day, in some type of way.  Let’s do this together!

So, you ask:

What’s FREE on MyFP50 Trainer?

Well, right now you are already getting a bunch of cool stuff for FREE, such as:

Viewing Calendar & Class Time Table

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What do I get with MyFP50 Trainer membership?

I am so excited to announce MyFP50 Trainer membership service is now officially up and running, –wherein subscribers can access their customized fitness plans based on their specific goals.   This is a great option for many people, especially with the very busy lifestyles we lead.

With My FP50 affordable subscription membership, you get the FREE stuff and much more! Check out the membership page for more details about membership structure and pricing.

You can also keep checking the site for purchasing great products at promotional prices, such as those posted here!