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Customized Meal Planning is here!

I’m so excited to announce that I am using a wonderful new tool that lets me build customized meal plans, right down to the shopping list and recipes, based on real food, and not any crash or fad diets.  I am able to do this because I subscribed to a service built by a team of registered dieticians of whom create meal plans customized to your individual nutritional needs and goals.

Before I was only able to provide general nutritional resources and guidance.  But now, with this team in my corner, I can provide the customized nutrition and meal planning that you need to take your program to that next level and to help you further towards the achievement of your health and fitness goals.

My training packages will now have two price points, one including meal planning and one without.  I will also provide an individual meal plan option, for those wanting nutritional support only, without the training included.  Stay tuned and keep checking the sidebar for publication of these prices. It’s coming very, very soon!