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Liza B

I have been training with Beverly since June 2016. Before I started bi-weekly sessions with Beverly, I had had many trainers over the years; a mix of trainers through gym a la carte offerings and independent trainers. Some were good, but a common thread through most of them was inconsistency in making the appointments and, eventually over time, a reduced enthusiasm. Beverly is the first trainer I have met who strictly keeps to her schedule and is extremely cognizant and respectful of her clients’ time and also her own. She conducts her business fairly. She comes to each session with a positive, energetic attitude. She is always ready for a good session.

As a trainer, she is watchful throughout the full session. Some trainers start to get mesmerized and distracted by their smart phones or the gym television while you are completing you reps; Beverly usually keeps her eyes on her client, ensuring that proper form is in place and that you are being challenged.

She works with her clients and finds out what their goals are. She is willing to adjust the program if you talk to her. If you need her to push harder, or if you have a day where you need something different, she is willing to accommodate. She always motivates me to get through the session whatever my mood is. I always feel good after our sessions and I never regret having kept it on low energy days.

I recently was diagnosed with frozen shoulder requiring separate physical therapy sessions. Beverly took my injury into consideration when planning the workouts. She consistently checked in to see if my orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist had any new restrictions on movement. Beverly works with me to focus more time on strengthening the areas that need more attention due to the injury.